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"You come alive on the web like no other, Dave! I adore you. When I read what you say I always laugh but its with such class. I love that quality in a human! And when you interact with so many people as we do on the web and one stands out like you do, it's pretty exciting! You are precious! Rock On!" Kat Marco "Of all the reviews I have had that is my favorite! You are the first who has pointed out that my music reflects the past and the future. Your words are incredibly valuable. In fact I had Sloane post it on our doorway page along with your banner and submit it all over the internet! I will be different the rest of my life in that you added to me and gave me renewed confidence! Thank you wonderful person, Rock On!" From Kat Marco. RE: My review of her "Maiden Voyage" CD [Is she cool or what? I LOVE this woman!] "Your commentary on all of the albums is very respectful but realistic at the same time. I appreciate the tribute very much....." From William Tsamis of Warlord & Lordian Guard! "Did anyone ever tell you that you kick ass?" Kevin Trabucco of PipeBomb!
The Illusionist 2012 RemixbyWest Side Dave