Page 1: Madog, Holy Dragons, Moonstone, Arcadia and Suiside Rose!
Page 2: Chain Collector, Excalion, Gaia Epicus, Svartsyn, Kingdom Of Glory compilation and Metal Ostentation Volume IV!
Page 3: Astral Doors, Haunted By Angels, Dol Ammad, Forgotten Tales, Scattered Ink!
Page 4: October 31, Caroline Blue, Titanium Black and Blastmat!
Page 5: Ghost Machinery, Unchained, Chain Collector, Memorized Dreams, Vicious!
Page 6: Emerald, Silent Force, Epizod, Ligeia, Wine Spirit!
Page 7: Gods Of Fire, Desensitised, Saxon, Crusader, Chainsaw!
Page 8: Magnum, Dio, Nightwish, Scattered Ink, Uncle Sid!
Page 9: Ignitor, Blaze, Dream Evil, Fireland!
Page 10: Wind Wraith, Hirax, Feinstein, Shinjuku Cactus!
Page 11: Jack The Ripper, Lost Weekend, Sleepy Hollow, Matt Schwarz!
Page 12: King`s-Evil, DTA, ShadowDemon, Hobbit and Sadhara!

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