Body Count-"S/T" 1992

I`m going to ignore the political firestorm this ignited back in 1992. For more info on THAT, try to find a copy of Ice-T`s book "The Ice Opinion". Musically, the only controversy was that Ice-T, THE original gansta rapper, had formed a Heavy Metal band. No, not "Rap Metal", as so many have mis-labled it, but an honest-to-GOD Heavy Metal band! Ice surrounded himself with some of the BEST musicians around: D-ROC [rhythm guitars], Mooseman [bass], the late, great Beatmaster V [drums], and the amazing Ernie C on lead guitar. Unfortunately, the ensuing political BS overshadowed Body Counts` musical skills and that`s a DAMN SHAME, `cause the bands instrumental prowess is nothing short of ASTOUNDING! The tunes are fast, heavy, loud, evil, raunchy, funny, AND memorable! All the best qualities you`ve come to expect from Metal. "Body Count", "KKK Bitch", "Voodoo", "There Goes The Neighborhood", "Mommas Gotta Die Tonight", and the infamous "Cop Killer" all drive these points home with a vengeance! Maybe someday, they`ll release this album with "Cop Kiler", which was pulled from later pressings. "Truth With No Mercy", indeed!

Righteous Pigs-"Stress Related" 1990

From the Heavy Metal hotbed of Las Vegas [?], the Pigs are Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris` previous band. Actually, they were sort of an American version of ND, or at least they tried to be! Singer Joe Caper barked & growled socially concious lyrics dealing w/ death ["Eulogy", "Open Wound"], crackheads ["Overdose"], the environment ["Ruinous Dump"], airline saftey ["Fly The Friendly Skies"], and Charlie Manson ["Manson Clan"]. Not sure what happened after Harris left; I really dont know too much about `em, and I never heard anything by the band after "Stress Related".......