Forbidden-"Forbidden Evil" 1988

This album was pretty much the last hurrah for the late `80s` Bay Area metal scene! Fronted by vocalist Russ Anderson [who, along with guitarist Glen Alvelais, is the only original member in this still-active band] and featuring future Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph, Forbidden had all best the qualities of the San Francisco Metal movement! Most people rave about the bands 1990 follow up "Twisted Into Form", but for my money, "Forbidden Evil" is where the gold lies! Crunchy, melodic guitar riffs [nothing like that muffled, down-tuned crap you hear nowadays!], flashy, inventive lead work, and a non-stop, driving rhythm section gave tunes like "Chalice Of Blood", "Off The Edge", "Through Eyes Of Glass", and "March Into Fire" an extra kick in the ass. Actually, the SONGS kicked YOUR ass! [Well, mine too, but you know what I mean....]

Judas Priest-"Painkiller" 1990

"Turbo", "Judas Priest-Live", "Ram It Down". Let`s not mince words here: late `80s` Priest SUCKED!! What a shock that, at the dawn of the `90s`, JP came ROARING back to life with this masterpiece! Propelled by new skin pounder [and former Racer X member] Scott Travis, the songs on this album bordered on Thrash, but with that patented Priest crunch! The lads hadn`t sounded this good in years. Every cut spews venom & rage, particularly "Painkiller", the raging "Metal Meltdown", "Touch Of Evil", and "Nightcrawler". These became mainstays in the bands live set, as well as Metal classics. [I use that term a LOT, don`t I?] A hugely sucessful tour with Megadeth followed. After that, Rob Halford left, and it would be 7 years before we heard from Priest again.... but that`s ANOTHER tImE maCHinE entry!