Wolfsbane-"Massive Noise Injection-Live"-1993-

"With this single moment, we slice the cancer of indifference from our lives forever. This evening, this show, no bullshit, no holding back, full force on purpose. This is it, this is all there is!" So sez Blaze Bayley during one of the 15 tracks contained on this live masterpiece. What more need be said? An who`s going to argue with him?! Wolfsbanes` final gig was recorded live on February 20th, 1993 at the infamous Marquee club in London, and the band did NOT go quietly! This 4 piece made more noise with one guitar than Maiden does with 3! Loud, raw, and NO overdubs, this is one of the BEST live Metal albums ever! Holding forth with his own inimitable style, Blaze gives yet another demonstration as to why he`s one of the best Hard Rock frontmen around. Buy this & hear for yourself! It`s a pity America didn`t embrace this band as warmly as it later did another British [Non-Metal] act, Bush!:( Go figure.........


This 2nd release from Sabbat [the last with vocalist Martin Walkyier, who left to form the awesome Skyclad] is arguably their best. Pushing the Neo-Pagan ideology to the limit, Walkyier proved himself to be quite a clever wordsmith. Witness titles like "The Best Of Enemies" [my favorite!],"Mythistory", and their accompanying lyrics for proof of this. Walkyier would later greatly expand these talents with Skyclad. But here, Sabbat concentrated on skull crunching guitar riffs and high speed tempo changes, to great effect.[guitarist Andy Sneap would later achieve fame as a producer, most recently with Blaze Bayley`s solo album] The next album, "Mourning Has Broken", featured a Ronnie Dio sound-alike vocalist, and the group folded soon after.