Steeler-S/T-1983/Alcatrazz-"No Parole From Rock `n` Roll"-1983

After reviewing a demo sent by Yngwie Malmsteen to Guitar Player magazine in`83,shred entrepreneur Mike Varney [head of then-fledgling Shrapnel Records] brought the 18 year old Swedish whiz-kid to LA and hooked him up with Steeler,an at best average Hard Rock/Metal outfit.They then recorded their debut;nothing special really,with annoying vocals courtesy of Ron Keel.The best part about the album was,of course,Malmsteen,who crammed every space with his Paganinni flavored runs.He then left to join Alcatrazz,whose debut featured better production,better songs,and a WAY better singer [Graham Bonnet,of Rainbow/Michael Schenker fame]."Hiroshima Mon Amour","Kree Nakoorie","Too Young To Die,Too Drunk To Live",and "Bigfoot" are among some of Yngwie`s best early work [better than some of his later stuff,as well!]