Kiss-"Destroyer"-1976,"Rock `n` Roll Over"-1976,"LoveGun"-1977

What MORE can I say about Kiss that hasn`t been said a bazillion times already? Besides,I talk too much anyway! These 3 albums are the original line-up`s best efforts,w/ "Destroyer" being the best."Detroit Rock City","King of the Night time World"[MY favorite Kiss tune],and the mega-hit "Beth",make this LP Kiss` own "Sgt.Pepper"."Rock `n` Roll Over was more raw sounding,as shown on cuts like "Dr.Love","I Want You","Baby Driver",and the ballad,"Hard Luck Woman".The title track to "LoveGun" could well be an early example of Power Metal,at least I think so. Still,"Destroyer" is the one that does it for me! "You`ve got something about youuu...."