After floundering for most of the late `80s`/early `90s`,Loudness ROARED back to life with this monster!Enlisting the services of ex-Flatbacker/EZO vocalist Masaki Yamada,axe murderer Akira Takasaki produced one of the BEST albums of his career,as well as one of the best Metal albums,PERIOD! Flawless in nearly every way [as a matter of fact,I DO like this CD! How could you tell?],all 10 cuts are full tilt,to the MAX;"Pray For The Dead","SlaughterHouse","Waking The Dead",THE Metal biker anthem "Racing The Wind" [ya GOTTA like a song w/ lyrics such as "I ain`t got sweet Jesus,but I don`t kiss no ass"!],ah HELL,I could go on & on [I usually do!],but you get the picture.Highest possible reccomendation!!

Anthem-"Bound To Break"-1987

More Japanese Metal Madness!At a time when Loudness were writing sappy,over-produced love ballads,Anthem were rockin` the WALLS down!On this,their 3rd American release,[produced by Chris Tsangarides,of Y&T,Thin Lizzy,Judas Priest fame],the band pumped out 10 tracks of screaming Power Metal that ran from the melodic to the fast `n` furious!This is considered Anthem`s best album;they made a few more after this one,then called it a day.Still,"Bound To Break" is a Power Metal masterpiece that holds up today,and will stand tall years down the road,as well!

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