Napalm Death-"Scum"-1987/"From Enslavement To Obliteration"-1988

This semial British Death/Grind/WHATEVER act has changed members more times than I change my socks! Er, I mean, they`ve had a lot of line-ups, yeah, that`s it! Of the more notable are Lee Dorian, vocals, who later formed Cathedral, guitarists Bll Steer and Justin, who later went on to form Carcass and the AWESOME Godflesh, respectively. Drummer Mick Harris, who later played with John Zorn. Later members include Ex-Benidiction growler Mark "Barney" Greenway, and Terrorizer guitarist Jesse Pintado. These 2 early releases from Napalm Death are, for many, the bands high points. Highly articulate lyrics, brimming with a social awareness rare for someone not yet out of their teens, were coupled with C# tuned guitars & blindingly fast "Blast Beat" drums, HORRIFIC howling, shrieking vocals, as well as various Industrial noises. All crammed into songs that lasted 10 to 60 seconds! Hell, "Scum" had 27 tracks! Later albums saw the band slowing things down and moving in a more Death Metal direction. But if there is one band who could assume full credit [or blame, depending on your point of view] for all the Death/Grind/Industrial/Death Metal acts to appear from that day to this, then Napalm Death is guilty as charged! BLAAAAAAAASSSSSST!!!!!!!!!!!!