D.R.I- "Crossover"-1987

Formed in the early`80s`, D.R.I. were one of the prime movers of that decade`s burgeoning Harcore movement. Early albums featured over a DOZEN or more tunes clocking in from 3-4 minutes max, & sometimes less than 60 seconds! Group mainstays Spike Cassidy [guitars] and Kurt Brecht [vocals] made sure that no matter how long or short, these tracks were laden with crunching, high-speed riffs that were melodic AND memorable, as well pissed off vox that actually had something intelligent to say. "Crossover" is a watermark for the band, as it indeed lives up to the title, bridging the gap between Thrash/Speed Metal and Punk/Hardcore. And in D.R.I.`s capable hands, such similar yet opposing styles meshed quite nicely. What`s more, unlike most of their peers, who self-destructed or just faded into oblivion, these guys are still with us! "We must fight together, if we want to grow stronger, We can tear it down, we must tear it down, we will tear it down" ["Tear it Down"]

Hirax-"Raging Violence"-1985

Hirax started out in [surprise!] the early 1980`s, one of the plethora of bands coming outta the San Francisco area. But Hirax had alot more going for them than most. Featuring Katon W. DePena vocals, Gary Monardo bass, Johnny Tabares drums and Scott Owen guitar. the band had that elusive quality know as "Originality". Certainly DePena`s vocals had much to do with this; he could actually SING! And the band wrote memorable , heavy-as-HELL tunes that not only stuck in yer head [LONG after you finished banging it!], they made you THINK, as well. The band built up a huge following, sharing the boards with other genre heavy-hitters like Metallica,Slayer, Exodus,Possessed, DRI, Megadeth, Venom, Exciter, COC, Dayglo Abortions, Reagan's Youth, Final Conflict, Excel, Dark Angel, Death Angel, Cryptic Slaughter, Dr Know, Testament and so on... After releasing 3 albums [1985`s "Raging Violence","Hate,Fear and Power" in 1986 1987`s "Not Dead Yet"] Hirax disbanded. But last year the band re-formed with the original line-up from the above album, and new tunes are being recorded for a possible Fall 2000 release!