Dark Angel-"Darkness Decends"-1986

One of the 3 heaviest albums of 1986,along with Artillery`s "Terror Squad",and Slayer`s "Reign in Blood",DA never topped their sophmore effort. Pure Audio HELL from start to finish,the title track,"Meciless Death",and "Black Prophesies" STILL hold up against the heaviest Death Metal around today! And if someone compiles a soundtrack to the Apocalypse,surely "The Burning of Sodom" will be included. Two severed thumbs UP!

Venom-"Prime Evil"-1989

After Cronus left,drummer Abbadon brought guitarist Mantas [still with me?] back into the fold,added 2nd guitarist Al Barnes,then filled Cronos` spot with ex-AtomKraft bassist/vocalist Tony Dolan,AKA "The Demoliton Man".Thus,Venom Mk.II was born!This version released 3 full-lengths and one EP that are often overlooked,but still excellent.This,the debut album for the "new" Venom,saw the band veer away from the usual Satanic posturing.And while Dolans` vocals & bass playing were similar to his predesessor,"Parasite","Blackened Are The Priests",and the title cut show a more mature,polished,and HEAVIER Venom,as I see it! "Prime Evil",as well as the other albums by this lineup,are well worth seeking out;you WON`T be dissapointed!