Metal Church-S/T-1985

Once upon a time,GOOD music used to come out of Seattle! One of the finest Metal releases EVER,Metal Church came DAMN close to giving The Traitors Now Known As Alternica a run for their money.Tunes such as "Beyond the Black","Metal Church" [probably THE Metal anthem of all time],"Gods of Wrath",and a Killer Kover,er cover of Deep Purples "Highway Star",ah face it,the whole album RAGES! "Many,many years ago,on a distant shore....."

Entombed-"Left Hand Path"-1990

An instant classic! Spearheading the Swedish Death Metal movement,Entombed [formerly Nihilist] only spent the US equivalent of 1200 bucks to record their debut! Crushing guitars,mass death,"Left Hand Path" has it in SPADES! [Dig the"Phantasm" derived instrumental "Drowned"] I have absolutely NO use for anything they released after this;Entombed never topped this album,but then,not many others did either...