Never a big fan of their earlier work,this album DEFINITELY made a believer outta me! With producer Rick Rubin [Slayer] at the helm,Troble produced the HEAVIEST [and best] album of their career.The band energized their trademark Sabbath inspired doom riffs on tunes like "At The End Of My Daze","Misery Shows",and "R.I.P.".KILLER stuff! After this,they went off into that "Heeeyyy Maaaaaann" hippy-dippy-trippy shit! Forget YOU!

Testament-"The Legacy"-1987

Released at the tail end of the mid `80`s Bay area Metal explosion,this bad boyis one of that era`s shining moments!Led by vocalist Chuck Billy,one of Metals` BEST frontmen [saw `em live in `88;this guy is INSANE!],and powered by the twin-guitar assault of Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnik,"The Legacy" is a Thrash Metal classic all around."Over the Wall","Do or Die","Raging Waters",and personal fave "Curse of the Legions of Death" all BURN with a mixture of youthful enthusiasm and intelligent compositional skills rare for a debut! [BTW,many of the lyrics were written by Steve Sousa,the bands original singer who later joined Bay Area legends Exodus.]