2008 Reviews

Page 1 : *NOW POSTED* Girlschool, Axel Rudi Pell, Battlelore, Shadowkeep and Lucifer`s Friend!
Page 2: Silver Cypher, The Meantones, Solid Six, Once Upon A Tragedy. Elevare, Hadean, Mutilist, Syth, and Grimstone!
Page 3: Phoenix Regin, Motorhead, Uli Jon Roth, Evarest, and Vision!
Page 4: Uriah Heep, Triton Enigma, Hatchet, Bob Catley and Tarot!
Page 5: Blaze, Blackmore`s Night, Disturbed, Anubis and Visideon
Page 6: Tyr, Hail Of Bullets, Godiva, The Vengeful Few and White Wolf!
Page 7: Lunarium, Ten Man Push, Evarest, InDespair, and Gallows End!
Page 8: Emir Hot, Powerworld, Celtic Legacy, Dokken and Ghost Tower!
Page 9: Benedictum, Saint Daemon, Black Widow, Robin Trower/Jack Bruce and Magnum!
Page 10: Shadowside, The Owl Watches, Jamie Mallendar, Ghost Brigade and Torman Maxt!

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