2006 Reviews!

Page 1: **NOW POSTED!!**Perfect Symmetry, Hirax, Mountain Of Power, Dark Mirror and Iron Maiden!
Page 2: Shadow Demon, Folkearth, Tyr, Steel Attack, and Aspire!
Page 3: Wicked Minds, Stormwarrior, Wind Wraith, Dol Ammad, Daniela and Transentience!
Page 4: Sodom, Halloween, Kat Marco, Legend Heart and [recently added] Rainbow!
Page 5: Elvenking, Benedictum, Empire, Giuntini, and Dio!
Page 6: Astral Doors, Upwards Of Endtime, Sophia Ramos, Tristwood, and Infernum!
Page 7: Bob Catley, Hirax, Kipelov, Upwards Of Endtime and The New Breed!
Page 8: Caroline Blue, Desensitised, The Owl Watches, Curt Shaw, Balatonizer!
Page 9: Gun Barrel, Tony Martin, Magnum, Astral Doors and Axehammer!
Page 10: Overlorde, Helloween, Galloglass, Cryonic Temple, and Thy Majestie!

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