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Page 1: Revoltons, Cryonic Temple, Gothic Knights, Celtic Legacy, and Thy Majestie!
Page 2: Tonka, Powercage, Moonstone, Iron Rain and Stranglehold!
Page 3: Glenn Hughes, Johnny Lokke, Richard IV, Aria, Dogs On Mars, Sodom!!
Page 4: Galloglass, Wizard, Rising Faith, Burning Point, Invictus!
Page 5: The Armada, Dungeon, Tyr, Bob Catley, Lepus, October 31!
Page 6: Phantom`s Opera, SnakeGod, Stranglehold, Blaze, Dream Evil, Empire!
Page 7: Shadowlord, Endless Time, Hellion, Paragon and Silent Force!
Page 8: Shattered Soul, Weapon-X, Aria, Dream Evil, Iron Mask!!
Page 9: Saxon, Rondinelli, Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tyr, Holy Moses, and Doro!
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