FrankenShred-"Evil Shred"-1999

If the Church Of Satan were to open their own version of MIT [Musicians Institute of Technology], THIS band would be at the top of the class! No,they`re not a Black Metal act! Imagine if Geddy Lee,Alex Lifeson, & Neil Peart had played on "Show No Mercy" and you`ll start to get the picture."Evil Shred" is a 9 track,under 60 minute instrumental excursion into Audio Hell conducted by the infamous Dr.Frankenshred [guitar], World War Spencer [bass], and Kelly Knight, drums.I`m not a fan of instrumental Shred Metal, really; guess I was traumatized by all those 18 year old kids w/ the teased hair and pink spandex that made up Mike Varneys 4th Reich back in the late `80`s! All fingers, no song. No such problem HERE! Not only is the musicianship first rate, the tunes are memorable,as well."Better Shred Than Dead", indeed! Highest possible reccomendation!!! [Thanks to the band for sending me the disc! :-)]

Forever Knight-More Music From the Original Television Soundtrack

This one is a little off the beaten path, but since the music is taken from one of my favorite TV shows [and I`ve noticed that quite a few of my regular visitors are into vampires], I`ve included it here. This is the 2nd CD featuring music from Forever Knight. For those who aren`t familar w/ it, this show concerned a Toronto homicide detective who,in reality, was actually an 800 year old vampire, on a quest to regain his humanity and repay society for all his past misdeeds! The show had a very unique look and feel to it, no doubt helped in a huge way by the soundtrack, composed & performed by Fred Mollin, a well known musician/producer in television and films, as well as the music biz. While not Heavy Metal,the ominous, eerie mood perpetuated by Mollin`s brilliant compositions is as heavy as anything you`ll see on THIS site! Both of these discs are equally great, so give `em a listen! For more information on FK, click on either of the following banner links, as they are the 2 BEST Forever Knight pages around! TONS of information, picture, you name it!:-)

Shattered Soul-"Killing For Re-creation"-2000

Hailing from Newcastle,PA, this 5-piece dishes out a sound similar to later period Pantera crossed w/ Death Metal acts like Morbid Angel & Death. While listening to this, the bands 2nd release, one gets the impression that Shattered Soul is a bit uncertain which musical direction to head in. Despite this, "Killing For Re-Creation" is a WINNER! Packed with pounding, lethal riffs, near Hardcore vocals and tight-as-a-ducks-ass songwriting, this band more than makes up for the slight lack of focus with youthful energy and a genuine love for the music. This is a band that`s only going to get better & better. Another Must Have! Metal DEAD? I don`t f***in` THINK so.....

Shattered Soul

Shango-4 song promo CD

Da boys are BACK!! Picking up where "Metal Mafia" left off,this 4-song EP shows that these mutts are here to stay, so GET USED TO IT! "Joe The Hook", "Wake Up To The Rat",& "Evil Says" are chock full of of the bad ass riffs, straight-to-the-point-lyrical style, and irreverent humor that is Shango`s stock-in-trade. But it`s the aptly named "Monster" that does it for me! Early in the bands career, they dabbled in Progressive Rock, and this track betrays those roots, proving to the world that, unlike all those 1 chord wonders currently polluting the scene, shango can PLAY! I`d stack Tony, Bobby, & Bones up against ANY musician in the business. And I`ll take on ANYONE to back that up! [Thanks for sending me the CD,guys! SALUD!]


You`ve just GOTTA love a band that starts out a song with "Godamn, Piss Me Off" ["Living In Anger"]! The 5 man strike force known as CutThroat hail from L.A., once THE Mecca of Hard Rock/Metal, now just as dead as Elvis! But these guys have been flyin` the Heavy Metal freak flag since their inception in `97, though they`re hardly a retro-act. CutThroat come across like a heavier Skid Row with a little Leatherwolf thrown in, but the band has it`s own sound, believe me! Sean Okin [vox], John Anderson [bass], Ramsay Bisharah [drums], Ken Snyder & Darwin Devitis are seasoned pros; you know, people who can actually PLAY their instruments! Okin spits out lyrics like a Marine Corps drill instructor, with the band in hot pursuit on tunes like "Dead Man Walkin`","Lock Me Up", "Shallow Grave", and my favorite track "Bullet", which has a wicked, mid-paced riff pounding through out. Every tune is well thought out, simple, direct, and to the point. No wasted momentum, just hard, fast, and in your face! What more could one ask? So what are you starin` at the screen for? Click the link below & BUY the damn thing!!

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